A Tradition of Excellence



Southern Bible Institute is a non-denominational biblical higher education institution whose mission is: “equipping men and women to be competent servant-leaders with a bible-centered worldview.”

Our vision flows from our mission statement. SBI prepares individuals through rigorous academic instruction, in the truth of Holy Scripture for more effective service in their home, church, community, and in the world. It is our earnest prayer that the school will produce graduates who are servant leaders in the ministry field regardless of denominational affiliation and distinctively marked by the Institution’s branding statement: “Timeless servant leadership rooted in God’s authoritative Word.”


Southern Bible Institute is located at 7200 South Hampton Road in Dallas, Texas, and sits on twelve acres of scenic property in the southern sector of the city of Dallas. The campus consists of the main facility which houses all classes, Fox Chapel, student center, and administrative offices. A secondary facility, on the campus, serves as the library.

Known for its affordable tuition and quality professorial instruction in a multi-ethnic and cultural educational environment, SBI has prepared thousands of men and women for ministry in a variety of fields locally, nationally and internationally.


DFW presents great opportunities for SBI’s biblical higher education growth. SBI has proven stability for the long term with 86 years of uninterrupted operation and no factional splits over doctrinal matters or ministry practice. SBI has never wavered from its biblical and theological stance by offering a traditional curriculum supportive of biblical higher education for those who hold the inerrant Word of God as their rule of faith and practice. As one of the highest areas of ecclesiastical activity in the US among African American population centers, DFW offers multitudinous venues for servant leadership ministry skills growth and mentoring support. Currently, SBI’s student body represents more than 156 area churches.

Since SBI’s student population is primarily composed of adult learners, the statistical benchmarks for growth for our future are positive. Among the leading benchmarks are the fact that 46% of area high school graduates do not immediately attend a higher education institution; approximately 70% in the metroplex over age 25 do not have at least a bachelor’s level degree of education; the median age is 31; Dallas ranks in the top ten for low cost of living index indicators among 25 major metropolitan areas in the US.


What will a student experience at SBI?—Academic programs are infused with biblical content; faculty passionate about teaching, student learning, and application; staff model servant leadership and foster meaningful relationships between students; consistently challenging chapels focused on the Word and worship; a campus environment conducive to spiritual and personal growth; and servant leadership ministry experience each term guaranteed to hone the student as they pursue God’s call.


Our History

The Southern Bible Institute had its beginning in 1927 under the guidance and leadership of Dr. Edmund H. Ironside, who at the time was a student of the Dallas Theological Seminary. In collaboration with L. G. Foster, in spite of the racial turmoil of the times, Dr. Ironside began with three young male students whom he taught in his home on Joseph Street. As the school grew, it occupied rented quarters on Helen Street, College Street and on Flora Street. The Lord then made available a building located on the corner of San Jacinto and Leonard Streets which was purchased.

SBI Pioneers and First Graduates

Founded under the name Dallas Colored Bible Institute, the original Board of Directors was formed with Dr. H. A. Ironside as Chairman and Dr. Edmund H. Ironside became the first president. After the death of Dr. H. A. Ironside, Dr. C.F. Lincoln was elected as Chairman of the Board (1951-1971) followed by Jack Rittlemeyer (1971-1989) and Jack Lincoln (1989-1997). Dr. Robert D. Reed was appointed Board Chairman in 1997 and currently serves in that role. 

After years of sacrificial service to the school, during which time the name had been changed to the Southern Bible Training School, Dr. Ironside was called home by the Lord he loved and served so well in August, 1941. Upon the death of Dr. Edmund Ironside, Rev. Lester E. Huber was appointed Superintendent and served until 1945 when he resigned to return to Africa as a missionary.

On June 1, 1945, Dr. Henderson S. Fox began his duties as President. In the summer of 1948, three lots were purchased at 1415 Fleetwood Street and a building was erected. In 1956 two adjoining lots on Bank Street, were purchased. In May 1976, Southern Bible Institute moved to 830 S. Buckner which tripled its land size and building space. In August, 1993 Southern Bible Institute moved to its current 12 acre campus with 27,000 square feet of building for the price of $1,150,000. God blessed SBI to complete this debt payment in March 1999.

At the beginning, all classes were taught by Dr. Edmund Ironside. The school has grown to a point where classes are being taught by resident faculty supplemented by upper classmen and graduate students of Dallas Theological Seminary and other local colleges and universities. Classes are held both day (Day School began in 1954) and evening.

Dr. Henderson S. Fox retired in June, 1971, and Dr. Gordon R. Mumford was appointed president in July 1971. In 2006 Dr. Mumford retired from his position as President and accepted the role of Chancellor until his passing on September 4, 2006. On February 19, 2006. Dr. Martin E. Hawkins was appointed as the current President of Southern Bible Institute in 2006.

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