Complaints & Resolution Services

From time to time a student may encounter a problem in their relationship with SBI. When such an event occurs, whether it concerns finances, academic issues, or other matters, the student should follow the procedure outlined below. All such matters should be referred to the appropriate individual.

The Vice President Student Development is the designated institutional contact person for giving direction and initially handling student complaints.

The following guidelines should be followed for resolving complaints as part of a God-honoring restoration process (Matt. 5:23-26, 18:15-16; Galatians 6:1).

Each concern must be expressed verbally as well as in writing to the staff, faculty or administrative person who is directly responsible for managing the institutional area.

Student Account   Rev. Alvin Marshall
Student Development/Field Education/Placement    Rev. Terrance Ford
Admissions   Rev. Terrance Ford
Institutional Development/Public Affairs   Dr. Martin Hawkins
Academic Programs   Dr. Herbert Thompson
Registration   Ms. Marcia Upshaw
Information Technology Support Services   Ms. Carol Every
Educational Support Services   Mr. Victor Dela Cruz
Facilities and Security   Mr. Tony Myers
Institutional Effectiveness   Dr. Joel Wilson

If the student does not believe that the complaint has been resolved appropriately, then the concern should be communicated verbally and in writing to the Vice President Student Development.

In the event that the student does not have the compliant resolved through this second level of appeal, then the student may express the concern verbally and in writing to the President, who is the institution’s final level of appeal for complaints.

After exhausting the institution's complaint process, current, former, and prospective students may initiate a complaint with the following groups:

THECB (Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board) by sending the required forms either by electronic mail to the agency's web address located in Austin, Texas,, or by mail to the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board, Office of General Counsel, P.O. Box 12788, Austin, Texas 78711-2788. Facsimile transmissions of the forms are not accepted.

A student may also present their complaint to the accrediting association with whom Southern Bible Institute holds Applicant status. SBI is not accredited and therefore is not a member school. Complaints may be mailed to: Commission on Accreditation, Association of Biblical Higher Education, 5850 TG Lee Blvd. Suite 130, Orlando, FL 32822.

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