Growing my business... pursuing my passion.

Brenard David

Interview with Brenard

I recently chatted with Brenard about his business and life goals.  Brenard is a 3rd year student at SBI pursuing a bachelors degree major in Biblical Studies with a professional education development emphasis in Preaching.  He is also an ordained deacon at his church, the New Generation Baptist Church, on Lancaster Road in Dallas, a Sunday School teacher, and a successful business owner of a heating and air-conditioning service company (David Services Inc.) in Red Oak, Texas. He has been in business for over 17 years now and has many, happy and satisfied clients all over the DFW area.

Victor - How did you hear about SBI? 

Brenard - I already knew what and where SBI was because prior to coming to school here, I have been driving up and down Hampton Road for 30 years.  All that time I had not really paid attention to the school until one day about three years ago, I attended a funeral service here and saw that they were teaching Bible in this school.  I was, back then, already attending Criswell College learning about the Bible.  I decided to check out SBI and the rest is history.

Victor - What made you attend SBI?

Brenard - I felt SBI filled my need for a solid, biblical education and a flexible schedule. I was already very successful in business, but looking at many of the financially successful people today, I found their lives really uninspiring. So at age 51, I decided I was going to have a different life and focus much of my energy to getting to know God. Something inside of me was saying, "You have a special call and when the time comes, I will call you." I knew I had enough money-wise and so I was in a position to pass the business on to my son and just work enough to basically feed my family and focus my energy on seeking God and who He really is.

Victor - What do you want to do with the knowledge after you graduate from SBI?

Brenard - I want to be comfortable with people in talking about the Scriptures and to be able to be able to teach and handle the Word correctly.  Growing up, I heard a lot of inaccurate teachings and felt the strong desire to do something about it.  The first semester here, I already got my money's worth. I took Bible Study Methods and OT Survey and it opened up a whole new world and curiosity for me.  I was very excited about what God started to show me in the Bible.

Victor - What are you praying for in terms of future ministries? 

Brenard - I really believe that God has something specific for me to do after school. Right now, I just want to focus on school and be prepared for whatever God has for me after I graduate.  Growing up, I knew I just wanted to grow close to God.  At one point in my childhood, I heard a preacher speak on "working out your salvation."  So I thought that's how you get to heaven. . . work out your salvation and do good works.  Then one day I heard the gospel and came to know the truth.  This is my prayer now.  I used to be afraid of public speaking.  I just can't stand in front of a crowd.  I am the oldest of six and during Christmas and Easter, me and my brothers were supposed to do a speech.  I feared that to death.  But my youngest brother was a smart guy.  He learned everybody's speech.  So he would get everyone's and mixed them up to create his own.  As for me, speaking was my biggest fear. So my prayer is that after I graduate I will be able to present God’s word clearly and with confidence.  SBI has made my passion a growing reality.

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