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A Tradition of Excellence


“Timeless servant leadership rooted in God’s authoritative Word.”

SBIC prepares individuals through rigorous academic instruction, in the truth of Holy Scripture for more effective service in their home, church, community, and in the world. It is our earnest prayer that the school will produce graduates who are servant leaders in the ministry field not necessarily identified by denominational affiliation, but distinctively marked by the Institution’s mandate statemen.


“Equipping Servant Leaders."

The mission of Southern Bible Institute & College is: Equipping men and women to be competent servant leaders with a bible-centered worldview. Accordingly, this mission statement inspires faculty and staff to patiently work together as each one's work contributes to our Mission.



What will a student experience at SBIC—Academic programs infused with biblical content; faculty passionate about teaching, student-to-student relationship building (through the Care Connection fellowship model), and real-time ministry application; staff modeling servant leadership and fostering meaningful relationships with students; challenging chapel messages consistently focused in the Word with spiritually uplifting worship; a campus environment conducive to spiritual and personal growth; and servant leadership ministry experience opportunities guaranteed to spiritually mature students as they pursue God’s call. Students also benefit from technology in use on campus and stay connected through the campus-wide online information system, mySouthernBible.

Southern Bible Institute & College welcomes all applicants for admission regardless of gender, age, race, color, nationality, or ethnic origin.

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Southern Bible Institute & College is located at 7200 South Hampton Road in Dallas, Texas, and sits on twelve acres of scenic property in the southern sector of the city of Dallas. The campus consists of the main facility which houses all classrooms, Fox Chapel, student connection break room, computer lab, administrative offices, and reference library. This library exists to support the challenging learning outcomes of our rigorous academic program.


DFW presents great opportunities for SBIC’s biblical higher education growth. SBIC has proven stability for the long term with 90 years of uninterrupted operation and no factional splits over doctrinal matters or ministry practice. SBIC has never wavered from its biblical and theological stance. Faculty offer a traditional curriculum supportive of biblical higher education for those who hold the inerrant and infallible Word of God as their rule of faith and practice.

As one of the highest areas of ecclesiastical activity in the US among African American population centers, DFW offers multitudinous venues for servant leadership ministry skills growth and mentoring support. Currently, SBIC’s student body represents more than 165 area churches.

Since SBIC’s student population is primarily composed of adult learners, the statistical benchmarks for growth have been informative in our research. Among the leading benchmarks these facts standout: 46% of area high school graduates do not immediately attend a higher education institution; approximately 70% in the metroplex over age 25 do not have at least a bachelor’s level degree of education; the median age is 31; Dallas ranks in the top ten for low cost of living index indicators among 25 major metropolitan areas in the US. Accordingly, accreditation will lead to growth and ongoing institutional mission accomplishment given these general factors for looking at SBIC’s future.



History Highlights of Southern Bible

First 30 Years: 1927 - 1957

  • Began in 1927 when Rev. L. G. Foster (an African American preacher), Sr. met Rev. Ironside (a Caucasian seminary student) and they became friends. Foster gathered several other preachers of color and Ironside taught them the Word of God and how to communicate it to others.

  • From this movement, DALLAS COLORED BIBLE SCHOOL was born and after years of sacrificial service the name was changed to SOUTHERN BIBLE TRAINING SCHOOL. In 1940, the school name was changed again to SOUTHERN BIBLE INSTITUTE.

  • In 1945 Dr. Henderson S. Fox was called to serve as the school’s President. In the summer of 1948 under the leadership of Dr. Fox land was purchased and a building was erected at 1415 Fleetwood Street.

SBIC Early Graduates

Second 30 Years: 1958 - 1987

  • In June of 1971, Dr. Henderson S. Fox retired and in July of 1971 Dr. Gordon R. Mumford was appointed President.

  • In May of 1976 Southern Bible moved to a plot of land which tripled in size and building space at 830 South Buckner. It was there that the school begin both day and evening classes and grew.

  • After decades of sending upper classmen from Dallas Seminary, the school started using some of Southern Bible's own graduates to teach and Dr. Charles Reed became the first Black instructor and later became the Academic Dean and then a Board member. Dr. Robert D. Reed was an instructor and later became the first African American Chairman of the Board of Directors.

Third 30 Years: 1988 - 2017

  • In August of 1993, Southern Bible moved to their current location which consist of 12 acres of land and a building consisting of 27,000 square feet.

  • A major highlight of this period is the hiring of the school's first African American president, Dr. Martin E. Hawkins in September of 2005.

next90: Forward Transition

  • 2017 was most remarkable as being the year Southern Bible turned 90 years old. Accordingly, a visionary transition campaign called next90 was prepared which articulated the foundational, transitional, and perpetual initiatives intended to support our biblical higher education mission for the next 9 decades.

In light of the next90 vision campaign, the Board of Directors approved the name change from “Southern Bible Institute (SBI)” to “Southern Bible Institute & College (SBIC)”.

Click here for the complete History of SBIC (PDF)


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